Dana Welch

I want you to know why I love my career.

I 100% love being a stylist.

I have to say I never thought I’d say those words. I mean it makes sense looking back I was always braiding someone’s hair or dressing someone up. Getting ready for the high school dances was my favorite part of the dance. But when high school came to an end and it was time to choose a college I fell in line with everyone else. I tried to be a Spanish teacher- not for me. BTW hats off to you teachers, you do so much for these little shits I hope you know you’re appreciated at least by me. After an assortment of other failed major attempts: psychology, dental hygiene, business, and a semester off I fiiiiiiiiinally decided it was time to try out beauty school.

AND THANK GOD I DID because nothing has fit me more perfectly than this lifestyle. It is a part of me deep inside my core. Turns out all those years and dollars that I spend in college weren’t a waste but were actually prepping me to be to be the stylist that I am today.

Let me explain..

In my opinion being a stylist is all about psychology. You want your look to make you feel confident. You want your look to match your personality. You want your look to match your lifestyle. Do you really care if your hair is long/short/blonde/red/highlighted/balayaged? Not really. “Whatever you think will look good, you are the stylist” is what I hear most of the time.  But when you find the look that pairs with your daily routine, ugh there is nothing better. And guess what, as our life moves forward and our routines change, so does our look, how cool is that?

That is what I’m here for. Do I want to give you an amazing look? Of course, duh, that’s what you came for. But beyond that I want you to feel relaxed and at home. I want you to sip a glass of wine or beer or soda or water and feel free to be whoever you are at that moment. I want to help you celebrate your promotion or get over an ex or get you ready to married! I want to make you feel unstoppable and confident to take on whatever comes your way just like that girl boss that you are.

I am an athlete. This taught me how to be a part of a team. I team up with both with you and other stylists to learn and create your style. It also made me competitive. I want to be the best and I want to be able to give you your best look. This pushes me to stay educated and connected to the popular trends.

Lastly, I get to teach you. I get to teach you how to care for your new color. I get to teach you how to style your cut. I get to teach you how to use dry shampoo! And how to go multiple day without washing your hair. Most importantly, I get to teach you about self love and that spending time on yourself helps you to be your best self. When you take time to breathe, relax, and think, you are able to share you with the rest of the world. And there is only one you so let it shine!